Necklaces are equipment that can be equipped in to the necklace slot of your Heroes. They give your Hero a bonus based on the item's stats.

Necklace Level ATK DEF SPD INT Cost Sell Treasure
Bronze NecklaceBronze Necklace52300-28
Silver NecklaceSilver Necklace62401-32
Platinum NecklacePlatinum Necklace63402-32
Magical Silver NecklaceMagical Silver Necklace155800-288
Diamond NecklaceDiamond Necklace1661000-320
Pendant of GemsPendant of Gems1651002-320
Amber AmuletAmber Amulet2510110021,0008,400
Magicgold NecklaceMagicgold Necklace2561200-1,920
Pendant of VitalityPendant of Vitality2671403-2,200
Pendant of ConsciousnessPendant of Consciousness2721305-2,200
Moonlight NecklaceMoonlight Necklace3512120024,0009,600
Sheriff's PendantSheriff's Pendant3521201024,0009,600
Lightning NecklaceLightning Necklace40101800-5,600
Necklace of StrengthNecklace of Strength4291840-6,400
Necklace of SpeedNecklace of Speed4461560-7,200
Emerald NecklaceEmerald Necklace4561010026,00010,400
Amulet of EnchwoodAmulet of Enchwood4512140026,00010,400
Scout's NecklaceScout's Necklace5571011028,00011,200
Might and MagicMight and Magic5571001128,00011,200
Nigel's PendantNigel's Pendant5514140028,00011,200
Purified ShelterPurified Shelter558200028,00011,200
Medal of CourageMedal of Courage60102500-11,520
Mystery Crystal NecklaceMystery Crystal Necklace62152405-12,000
Pendant of SinPendant of Sin64102403-12,000
Richoma's NecklaceRichoma's Necklace6581212032,00012,800
Miracle NecklaceMiracle Necklace6581201232,00012,800
Titus's BadgeTitus's Badge6516160032,00012,800
Chain of SealsChain of Seals6582005-11,200
Pendant of Eternal CouragePendant of Eternal Courage6510220032,00012,800
Behemoth's PowerBehemoth's Power70182525-26,800
Emperor's NecklaceEmperor's Necklace70162725-28,000
Amulet of DragonfangAmulet of Dragonfang10060604020-Capitol
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