Hero Tasks are a new feature added in the Heroes of Gaia: Babel expansion. Hero Tasks are a sequence of simple tasks that grant the completing hero a modest amount of experience. Successive tasks yield more experience, as set out in the table below.

Initially, players are allowed to complete up to 20 of these tasks each day. Snail (the creator of HoG) has indicated that there will be a card released in the near future that will allow the user to complete 100 Hero Tasks.

The experience you gain for completing the nth Hero Task is 1100+100n.

The culmulative experience you gain for completing all Hero Tasks from the first to the nth is 50n*(23+n).

Hero tasks refresh once per day. There is one set of Hero Tasks for all of your heroes, and the hero that completes the task gains the experience.

Types of Hero TasksEdit

Task name Objective Notes
Visit [Hero name] Visit Hero name and defeat him.
Coordinates(X: ????Y: ????)
Coordinates given upon accepting the task. Task Hero is always within 2 minutes of main castle. Attacking NPC heroes costs 0 AP.
NPC hero has units equivalent to a 1* NPC.
Receive rich [resource] Reward for attacking a 5> [resource] pile. Must attack a 5* resource pile.
Receive abundant [resource] Reward for attacking a 6> [resource] pile. Must attack a 6* resource pile.
Attack 1* Monster Attack and destroy the lvl 1 star NPC. Kill any 1* NPC
Attack 2* Monster Attack and destroy the lvl 2 star NPC. Kill any 2* NPC
Attack 3* Monster Reward for attacking 3 Star NPC. Kill any 3* NPC
Attack [NPC monster] Defeat [NPC Monster]. Will randomly name any 1-3* NPC
Scout the Enemy Scout any player's castle.

Hero Task EXP Chart Edit

Task No. EXP Awarded Total EXP
1 1,200 1,200
2 1,300 2,500
3 1,400 3,900
4 1,500 5,400
5 1,600 7,000
6 1,700 8,700
7 1,800 10,500
8 1,900 12,400
9 2,000 14,400
10 2,100 16,500
11 2,200 18,700
12 2,300 21,000
13 2,400 23,400
14 2,500 25,900
15 2,600 28,500
16 2,700 31,200
17 2,800 34,000
18 2,900 36,900
19 3,000 39,900
20 3,100 43,000

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