Lucky Box The lucky box can be obtained from daily system mails (only some providers) and daily tasks. You will need a Master Key to open them.

Found Edit

Spend 100 gold in daily task(once a day)

Daily system mails (1 per hour, max of 3 a day), not all providers of the game supply these mails.


  • 300 Lumber Card
  • 1000 Lumber Card
  • 5000 Lumber Card
  • 300 Ore Card
  • 1000 Ore Card
  • 5000 Ore Card
  • 150 Sulfur Card
  • 500 Sulfur Card
  • 2500 Sulfur Card
  • 150 Crystal Card
  • 500 Crystal Card
  • 2500 Crystal Card
  • Silver Building Card
  • Silver Research Card
  • Castle Renaming Card
  • Hero Renaming Card
  • Bronze Experience Pill
  • Silver Experience Pill
  • Yellow/Green/Purple tier9 10 Items

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