This page is the first Archive containing old news posts from Main Page/News.


February 25, 2010
I've finally gotten around to changing the main color scheme for the wiki. It's not perfect yet, and I still have a few tweaks coming for the front page, but by and large, this is what things are going to look like from here on out. Please leave feedback/suggestions/hate mail on my talk page.
-- Saucybandit
February 4, 2010
The much anticipated Blood Fart Expansion has arrived. Wait, what?!? Blood Fort. I meant Blood Fort. Blood Fort has arrived. The wiki will be updated as the information rolls in.
-- Saucybandit
January 24, 2010
I've received a great deal of information from NIB in Pan server. I put up all of them in the community portal talk page. I need editors to help sort through the information and allocate them.
-- Vaturilum
January 22, 2010
Blood Fort Expansion! Arrives January 25, 2010.
Check it out! The Guild, Monsters, Refugee Camp and Cards pages have all been updated with the latest patch information.
-- Saucybandit
January 17, 2010
Are the tables in the wiki currently broken for anyone else? I've noticed that tables are no longer rendering correctly in my browser, and I am unsure if this is something affecting everyone on the wiki. If this is something global, I will begin work to resolve this issue with wikia. Please post any comments to the Community Portal, or on my talk page.
-- Saucybandit
January 12, 2010
Good news! I have been granted administrator and bureaucrat rights for the HoG wiki. For those of you who spoke up on my behalf, thank you. Two days ago, Jmdbcool uploaded a logo and favicon. Shouts to Jmdbcool for the swag. My first act as admin for the wiki will be to update the logo and favicon. We're movin' on up! Hopefully there will be more good things in the pipeline over the next few days.
-- Saucybandit
January 5, 2010
To the editors of the HoG wiki: in light of the fact that the current HoG wiki Admin Danxor has been inactive for nearly two months, I have petitioned wiki to be made into the Admin/sysop for the HoG wiki. This is an open letter to active editors asking for your approval. I will post a similar message in the community portal and to several of your talk pages to make sure everyone sees the notice.
-- Saucybandit
December 27, 2009
I've finished an overhaul of the Undead Buildings. Please do not revert the Undead page, as all of the information was transferred to the appropriate subpages. The new layout makes much more sense. The Orc and Elf racial pages to follow... eventually.
-- Saucybandit

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