Retired World BuildingsEdit

The following buildings were removed with the release of the Heroes of Gaia: Babel expansion released on December 15, 2009.

Location Requirements Bonus Fame Gained
Dwarven Vault
Dwarven Vault
200 Fame

A wealth of gold and diamonds lies within this Dwarf stronghold. Defeat the guards within to claim this treasure for yourself. Strength of Dwarven forces: 12,000-18,000

Reward: 80 Lumber, 80 Ore, 40 Crystal, 40 Sulfur, Random 2 Star Equipment (Rare). There is also a small chance that the forces will be smaller, and the reosurces gained will be 60/60/30/30, or that the forces will be larger and the resource gains will be 100/100/40/40.)

200 Fame

Undead warriors guard this graveyard, defeat them to claim the riches within! Strength of Undead forces: 12,000-18,000

Reward: 1200 or 1800 Gold

Forcers: 15-25 Specters, 70-90 Skeletons

The Dryad Grove
The Dryad Grove
5800 Fame

The Dryad Grove is a dangerous place, and travelers would be wise to avoid it. Strength of defending forces: 120,000-180,000

Reward: 50 Crystals, 1500 Gold, 100 Lumber and lvl 4 treasure (uncommon)

Forces: 100 to 150 Dryad, 0 to 30 Unicorns, 20 to 25 Elf Hunter

Mage Treasure-trove
Mage Treasure-trove
21000 Fame

A stronghold of Bolateni monks, a bounty of supplies is stored within. Strength of guardian forces: 320,000-400,000

Reward:  1500 Gold and lvl 5 treasure or 3000 Gold

Forces: 80 or 90 Elite Knight, 222 or 250 Monk, 0 or 60 Priest


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